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McLaren may be half a second ahead of competition in Spain

McLaren may be half a second ahead of competition in Spain

19 May - 12:12 Last update: 12:39


McLaren hopes to make a big step towards the top teams during the Spanish Grand Prix. According to Formula One journalist Lawrence Barretto, the updates the racing stable is bringing to Barcelona will make as much as a half-second difference per lap.

Prior to the season, McLaren hoped to finally be in contention for the world title again, but during the winter tests in Barcelona and Bahrain it found out that the car was suffering from brake problems. It led to a rough start of the season.

The last few races, however, McLaren scored quite a few points, so the stable seems to be on the way back. The new updates that are coming this weekend should accelerate performance.

McLaren hopes to compete

McLaren is reportedly as much as half a second faster with the updates, which they hope will bring them closer to the competition. At the same time, however, the team of Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris knows full well that the other formations are also coming to Spain with updates.

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