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Verstappen gets big compliment: 'Extremely high level'

Verstappen gets big compliment: 'Extremely high level'

19 May - 11:26 Last update: 12:36


Max Verstappen suffered from technical problems at the beginning of the season, but now he seems to have recovered. The Dutchman is rapidly closing in on Charles Leclerc in the world championship and according to Norbert Haug this is not for nothing, as he is in good shape.

After performing ironclad last season by beating Lewis Hamilton to win the world title, Haug sees Verstappen hitting that level again this race year. The former Mercedes boss has therefore become quite impressed with the Dutchman's performance.

"Especially in the last races Max drove at an extremely high level. Always on the limit, but still controlled and flawless," he commented in conversation with F1-Insider.com. Verstappen closed the Grands Prix in Imola and Miami winning.

Verstappen looking forward to Spain

The reigning world champion expressed hope on Wednesday about the upcoming GP in Spain. The Dutchman reportedly has a good feeling about what is possible this weekend. Both racing teams are coming up with updates, so during the free practice sessions it will be a question of how the mutual relationships will be then.

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