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Red Bull's new key partnership for engine plant in Milton Keynes
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Red Bull's new key partnership for engine plant in Milton Keynes

18 May - 10:26 Last update: 12:52


Red Bull Racing has signed a new partnership with Atlas Copco. The company is to help Red Bull efficiently set up its new Red Bull Powertrains plant.

Red Bull Racing is on its own when it comes to the engine from 2022 onwards. Honda pulled the plug on the Formula One project at the end of 2021. The engine in the current RB18 of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is still the old Honda engine but under the Red Bull label. In time, Red Bull will have to develop that engine itself.

Efficient engine factory in Milton Keynes

It will do this in the new factory being set up in Milton Keynes for the Red Bull Powertrains division. The new staff have all already been recruited and work is underway in England to deliver the new factory. Atlas Copco will play an important role in setting this up efficiently.

''A little over a year ago we embarked on a remarkable journey – to become the first fully independent complete constructor on the current F1 grid, manufacturing both chassis and power unit. It is an enormous but hugely exciting undertaking and one that requires like-minded allies that share our vision for pushing the boundaries of technology, rapid innovation and smart production,'' Christian Horner said in Red Bull's press release.

''Atlas Copco has great heritage in that regard and is right at the forefront of industry’s data-driven revolution. Our partnership with a world leader such as Atlas Copco will undoubtedly help us to make our journey faster, smarter and more efficient – all qualities that an F1 team prizes above all else.''

Collaboration with Red Bull

The General Manager of Atlas Copco, which helps companies with industrial ideas to grow, is very pleased with the collaboration with the F1 team. ''Both Atlas Copco and Red Bull Powertrains are at the forefront of innovation, sharing a desire to continuously push the boundaries of manufacturing excellence and sustainable production.''

''Operating in an environment where nothing short of perfection is acceptable, Atlas Copco’s focus on delivering traceability, error-proofing and data-driven insight will give Red Bull Powertrains a competitive edge. We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the team at Milton Keynes'', concludes James McAllister.

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