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Spanish Grand Prix | Here's what we can look forward to

Spanish Grand Prix | Here's what we can look forward to

17 May - 20:54 Last update: 21:37


Formula 1 teams will be in Barcelona this weekend to finish the Spanish Grand Prix. Over the years, the circuit has provided for some interesting battles, with Verstappen being one of the protagonists in recent years.

Eventful battle between Hamilton and Verstappen

The 2021 season was dominated by the battle between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Last race year, that was also on display in Barcelona. The Briton started the race from pole position but was quickly beaten by Verstappen. The Dutchman drove, even after the restart, further away from Hamilton and seemed to be on his way to a nice performance.

Mercedes, however, did not leave it at that and had Hamilton change tires after lap 42. It ensured that the seven-time world champion was able to make up the difference with Verstappen at lightning speed and overtake him just before the end of the race. As a result, Verstappen ultimately had to settle for second place.

Verstappen's first win in Formula 1

A few years before that, Verstappen did manage to beat Hamilton. In 2016, he made the switch from Toro Rosso to Red Bull just before the GP in Spain. The big question was whether the Dutch driver would be able to deal with the pressure of a top team right away, and that proved to be the case.

Verstappen was somewhat lucky in this regard, as the battling Nico Rosberg and Hamilton collided hard at the start of the race, forcing both to abandon the race. It gave perspective to Verstappen who used the opportunity to take an immediate victory. For five years since then, it has been Hamilton who has pulled the longest straw.

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