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Red Bull continues to improve: 'It's what you do with that data'

Red Bull continues to improve: 'It's what you do with that data'

17 May - 16:22 Last update: 19:15


Red Bull Racing is dealing with the pressure of a world champion this season. Behind the scenes, Hannah Schmitz is therefore working hard to stay ahead of the competition, with the Austrian racing stable's strategist well aware of how important her own role is.

As a strategist, she sits at Red Bull's pit wall every Grand Prix to get the most out of the race. Using the data she receives, she and her team decide when Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen should make a pit stop and whether there are other ways to get closer to victory.

"Everybody has the same access to the same data, but it’s what you do with that data that gives you the edge," Schmitz explains in a blog on Oracle Connect. "And then it’s also about the people and the experience. All of that together is what gives you the edge and helps you be a championship winning team."

Importance of diversity within Red Bull

Schmitz emphasizes that it is very important for a Formula 1 team to encourage diversity. According to her, diverse genders, backgrounds and ethnicities can help raise the level of the entire team. She therefore encourages women to enter motorsports.

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