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Baku has big wish for 2023: 'I really like the idea'

Baku has big wish for 2023: 'I really like the idea'

16 May - 15:53 Last update: 16:13


The Grand Prix in Baku is on the schedule again this season. The organization continues to work on making the race an ever greater success and hopes to take a step forward next season with the organization of a sprint race.

Formula 1 first started having sprint races last season to investigate whether this would make the sport more exciting. That proved to be the case, leading it to decide to hold as many as six race weekends in 2022 in which a sprint race will take place.

Baku hopes for sprint race in 2023

For the organizers in Baku, having an additional race on the weekend in 2023 also seems attractive. While it remains to be seen for now how many sprint races Formula 1 plans to hold in the new calendar year, it has hopes that one of them will be in Azerbaijan.

"I'm a big proponent of it. I really like the idea," promoter Arif Rahimov let it be known in conversation with ESPN. "I think it's good just to mix things around a little bit throughout the years. Things get boring and people just get too used to the same format and then they lose their interest."

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