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De Vries' F1 debut may be a prelude to Williams contract: 'Significant'

De Vries' F1 debut may be a prelude to Williams contract: 'Significant'

16 May - 15:15 Last update: 15:43


Williams released the news on Monday morning that Nyck de Vries will have the opportunity to prove himself in the Spanish Grand Prix. The Dutchman will be in action in the first free practice session on behalf of the racing team, making his debut in Formula 1. It remains to be seen what this will mean for his career in the longer term.

Indeed, due to the disappointing results of Nicholas Latifi, the Williams driver has been under pressure for some time. 

Williams role of De Vries raises questions

At the very least, next weekend's situation raises questions about the situation at Williams. Scott Mitchell follows the situation within the team closely. The journalist notes at The Race that Williams also had the opportunity to bring in De Vries prior to the season, but at the time opted for Alexander Albon. It would not surprise him if the team simply liked Albon better.

"If there was something more to it, a reason why Williams was not sold on de Vries, then perhaps he’s just simply not appealing," Mitchell analyzes. "The fact Williams is happy to run de Vries in a Friday session, is significant though."

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