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Verstappen soon to launch 'champion collection' of clothing line

Verstappen soon to launch 'champion collection' of clothing line

16 May - 11:12 Last update: 12:46


Max Verstappen has announced that a new collection of his own clothing line is coming soon. The new collection is entirely in the theme of his championship and is called The One Collection.

Verstappen shows championship

A new "championship collection" of Verstappen's clothing line will soon be available on the Red Bull Racing driver's website, which is also the official store. The announcement was made via a tweet that read, "A tribute to becoming the champion of the world. Coming soon."

Verstappen has abandoned his old start number 33 in 2022 and has chosen to drive with start number 1. This is only allowed for the reigning world champion. On the Dutchman's new clothing, the 33 has also been exchanged for number 1, so the video closes with the title of the clothing line: 'The One Collection'.

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