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Are sustainability plans F1 falling short? 'Better than nothing'

Are sustainability plans F1 falling short? 'Better than nothing'

14 May - 16:53 Last update: 19:37


Formula 1 worked hard in recent years to make significant strides in the sustainability of the sport. Jamie Reigle sees that the motorsport class has moved forward, but states in conversation with F1-Insider.com that this is not enough to stop climate change.

The Formula E boss is proud of how his class is engaging with sustainability. According to Reigle, fans need to see the sport separately from Formula 1, which is significantly less concerned with sustainability and instead sees it as a strength that there are different motorsports to follow.

"Four, five years ago, the narrative of F1 was that it was dying," Reigle emphasizes. "They've responded to that, which is great. They've discovered sustainability. That's basically a good thing. But if you ask me, are these the solutions to our climate challenges? No. Is it better than doing nothing? Absolutely."

Vettel defends own role in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel let it be known earlier this week that he realizes that he is polluting in Formula 1. He emphasized in the interview that he is not a saint and that he also makes mistakes, but that it is important that people are aware of their lifestyle.

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