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Vettel is gold honest: 'Now you're in this mess'

Vettel is gold honest: 'Now you're in this mess'

14 May - 16:00 Last update: 16:11


Sebastian Vettel has been known in recent years as a driver who is not only concerned with Formula 1 but also has an opinion ready in other areas of society. On the BBC's Question Time program, the German discussed various topics at length, including Brexit.

A few years ago, Britain decided to leave the European Union, to which there were many negative reactions in the outside world. In his own words, Vettel also finds it incomprehensible that this step was taken at the time and sees that it creates problems in various areas.

"Looking at the size of problems that are ahead of us on so many levels, whether it’s the environment, social justice, we need to do this together, we will not pull this off, one of us," Vettel stressed, blaming the Brexit. "Now you’re in this mess, you have to deal with it."

Vettel talks about his own contribution

Vettel also went into depth in other areas. For example, he admitted that he also does things that are harmful to the climate, such as his role in motor racing. At the same time, Vettel indicated that he remains concerned about the future of the planet.

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