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Verstappen lucid: 'I don't think you can just do that'

Verstappen lucid: 'I don't think you can just do that'

14 May - 15:27 Last update: 16:10


Formula 1, partly due to the corona period, made a lot of changes to the Formula 1 schedule in recent years. In the process, there are more and more noises that the Monaco Grand Prix would be under pressure, but Max Verstappen is convinced that the race should remain on the program every year.

The Monaco GP is perhaps one of the most famous races on the calendar, but the track often fails to provide excitement. The criticism that often sounds is that the race is mainly a parade, which lacks excitement.

Verstappen would like to keep the GP of Monaco.

Verstappen understands the criticism, but at the same time thinks that Monaco is historically very important for the motorsport class. "I don't think you can just replace a Monaco. That race has so much history, that takes time to build", Verstappen told the Algemeen Dagblad.

According to the reigning world champion, it is good that Formula 1 makes some changes throughout the season, but it should leave certain races as they are. That would include the Monaco GP. "You have to try to keep a bit of the middle of everything," said the Dutchman.

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