Formula 1 takes big gamble in ignoring Perez

14-05-2022 07:38 | Updated: 14-05-2022 09:01
Formula 1 takes big gamble in ignoring Perez

Formula 1 drivers and team bosses leave virtually no stone unturned to disapprove of the busy schedule on camera. They think it is madness that the management of the motorsport class is milking the current successes, while at the same time the organisation has to deal with people who also want a life outside the sport. Stefano Domenicali, however, takes little notice of the criticism, so a confrontation between the two camps is imminent.

Sergio Perez threw a bomb under Formula 1's policy last month. Whereas it is working hard to reel in the South African Grand Prix, among other things, the Mexican was clearly done with the current policy. Perez noted that already this season he has virtually no time to devote to his wife and children, let alone be with other family members. Perez's message was clear: if the Formula 1 calendar becomes even more crowded, he will seriously consider quitting.

Other drivers are behind Perez

Who thinks Perez is the only driver calling in a desert, is wrong. Already in the same month, the media reported that almost all the racing teams had complained to the management. In order to deliver a top performance, drivers need to be relaxed in their minds. With all the travelling, the press moments around the weekends and all the other parts they have to deal with, the psychological strain is heavier than ever.

Christian Horner additionally touched on another component, namely that quality must come before quantity. According to the team boss, there certainly should not be more races on the calendar, but it is essential to look at the contribution of the race. Horner believes that it is logical for Formula 1 to add several new races to the program, only that this should mean that GPs should also disappear from the calendar.

Formula 1 

However, Domenicali has no intention of listening to the teams, according to his earlier statements, and remarkably continues to fixate on the big money involved in the races. According to him, it would be great for the fans if there were more GPs to look forward to, but he forgets that in doing so he is taking a gamble. He doesn't seem to realize that it is the teams and drivers who are taking the sport to a high level and that he must therefore keep them happy.

If Formula 1 actually goes to thirty races, a situation Domenicali previously considered possible, it could drive drivers away from Formula 1. It would be a disaster for the sport if the top drivers no longer choose to have a seat in the motorsport class but opt for another challenge. That is why it is time for both parties to come to an agreement about this before it is too late.

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