Marko highlights Sainz's 'expensive' crashes: 'Not cheap for Ferrari'

13-05-2022 06:59 | Updated: 13-05-2022 09:05
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Marko highlights Sainz's 'expensive' crashes: 'Not cheap for Ferrari'

Helmut Marko at once again explained why it is nonsense to think that Red Bull Racing is already at 75 percent of the update budget. According to the Austrian, Ferrari has spent just as much.

After the Miami Grand Prix, Mattia Binotto created doubts. The Ferrari team boss argued that Red Bull could never keep coming up with updates in this way because otherwise they would go over the budget cap. An Italian medium looked into how much Red Bull was already spending approximately and came to the conclusion that Red Bull had already spent more than 75 percent of the update budget.

Sainz makes mistakes

According to that research, around ten million would be available for updates for a top team, and Red Bull is already close to that with the newly brought parts. Ferrari hardly came up with any new parts yet and could therefore still catch up. Earlier Marko called this nonsense and now he explains why.

''I don't think we are in a very different position than Ferrari in this respect. Especially considering I wonder what the effect will be of Carlos Sainz who crashed his car significantly several times. That will not be cheap,'' Marko said. The Austrian is thus dealing a blow to his former pupil, who has already caused the Italian team considerable costs with those crashes.

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