Vettel unsure about future in F1: 'I ask myself that every day'

13-05-2022 06:37 | Updated: 13-05-2022 09:04
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Vettel unsure about future in F1: 'I ask myself that every day'

Sebastian Vettel has spoken out about climate issues in the world at BBC Question Time. In the process, the German was also asked about his role as an F1 driver and the four-time world champion made some striking statements about that.

It's no secret that Vettel is involved with more than just racing. The Aston Martin driver is very concerned with the climate and also tries to draw attention to it with his role in F1. For example, in Miami he was again seen wearing a shirt depicting a race in 2060 underwater. 'Act now or swim in the future', was his message.

Vettel makes his case

The show talks a lot about wasting and generating energy, after which the presenter asks if Vettel isn't being hypocritical as an F1 driver to talk about this. ''Yes, that's true. You're right and those are also questions I ask myself every day. I'm not a saint either. I'm very worried about the future,'' the German is therefore honest. For example, he also asks himself if he should still remain active in F1

''Yes. And whether I should travel around the world. Some things are in my hands and some are not. I love to race. Every time I get in the car I enjoy it, but when I get out I also think 'is this something we should do?' On the other hand, we also entertain people and during covid you saw that that was also missed,'" Vettel concludes.

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