Russell exhibits striking behavior: 'That's unusual'

12-05-2022 15:20
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Russell exhibits striking behavior: 'That's unusual'

George Russell is positively standing out at Mercedes this season. With his move to Mercedes, the Briton seemed to need time to get used to the new level, but the driver clearly has little trouble adjusting. This is also stated by David Tremayne who predicts a bright future for Russell.

As a Williams driver last season, it mostly got the hands of the fans. Mercedes saw the good form and brought him to the German racing stable. It seemed to be the ideal option for Russell to make the next step in his career.

This season, however, Mercedes is not in form, so Russell has to settle for a place in the subtop. However, the talent seems to care little. Where his teammate Lewis Hamilton struggles to get comfortable in the car, Russell got the most out of his car in the first five races.

Russell shows strong character

Tremayne, however, stands out more. "One of the things I’ve always respected most about him is that he says what he thinks," the journalist says. "To me that is the sign not only of one who is fundamentally honest with himself, but has the inner confidence to be their own man. Unusual for one still so young.

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