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Hamilton in trouble: 'Really tough for him'

Hamilton in trouble: 'Really tough for him'

11 May - 12:17 Last update: 12:29


Jenson Button saw a hard-working Lewis Hamilton at the Miami Grand Prix who, however, did not have luck on his side. The former Formula 1 driver tells Sky Sports that Mercedes also did not play a convenient role in America.

The German racing team has been searching for the right form all season, with porpoising seeming to be the biggest problem. As a result, the formation is still unable to compete with the big teams on the grid and Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have to settle for a place in the subtopics.

Hamilton struggling at Mercedes

Prior to the race weekend in Miami, it seemed for a while that Mercedes could fight for the front positions, but soon that thought could be binned. Indeed, once again Mercedes fell short of the top teams, leaving Hamilton in sixth place behind his teammate on Sunday.

"He says that he hasn't been lucky with strategy, to be fair everyone was on the same strategy as him - except for his teammate," Button stated in the interview. "You're under pressure and the team is saying, 'oh you'll lose places'. It's really tough for him because he's had good pace this weekend."

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