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Is Mercedes going to come back? 'Lewis is grumpy'

Is Mercedes going to come back? 'Lewis is grumpy'

11 May - 11:20 Last update: 12:28


Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton both struggled during the Miami Grand Prix, analyst Mathias Lauda tells ServusTV. According to Lauda, Mercedes in particular should be concerned about Hamilton who seems to be struggling mentally.

Whereas Hamilton has been competing for the world title every season since 2014, that doesn't seem to be in the cards for him this season. The Briton has to settle for a spot in the middle, which he is clearly struggling with. It ensures that Hamilton has to recover mentally quickly. "Lewis is grumpy. He's really struggling," judged Lauda.

Perez misses podium spot after problems

Not everything was positive on the side of Red Bull Racing in the United States either. Perez, in fact, encountered problems with his car during the race, forcing him to lose some power. At the end of the GP, he was unable to make it difficult for Carlos Sainz, who was third at the time, to go for a podium finish.

The Mexican had newer tires under his car, so Red Bull seemed to be throwing away points. "He had problems with engine power. He was missing 20 hp at the end. It's a shame because he was the only one in the field who could have gone higher."

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