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Brundle: 'Miami was Mercedes' most concerning weekend so far'

Brundle: 'Miami was Mercedes' most concerning weekend so far'

10-05-2022 19:49 Last update: 22:05


During the second free practice session for the Miami Grand Prix there seemed to be light on the horizon for Mercedes, but for the rest of the weekend the German racing stable seemed to be back to square one. According to Martin Brundle, the weekend was the most worrying yet, but he insists that there is a lot of potential in the W13.

What Brundle finds so worrying is that the team does not understand why George Russell was the fastest on Friday, but then struggled to get up to speed. Still, he is convinced that that there is a good car somewhere in the problematic W13. "It's just so well hidden," the analyst states in his column for Sky Sports.

'Russell made his own luck'

That Russell was able to come back in front of his teammate after his disappointing result in qualifying, Brundle does not want to attribute it to luck alone. "You make your own luck sometimes," he continues. He stresses that not only did the driver make the choice to wait for a safety car himself, but in the meantime he also had to make sure he kept his tires under control for a long time.

In the end, Russell's choice worked out well for him, but less well for teammate Lewis Hamilton. "On his side of the garage there was indecision, rather than the usual masterly strategy we've become used to these past few years," explained the former Formula One driver.

Brundle believes Mercedes has best driver duo

He argues that Hamilton is going through a difficult time with an "eager" Russell as a teammate, who Brundle believes can handle the situation better. However, he does think that once the leak is out, Mercedes could well have the strongest overall package.

"If the car was a match for Ferrari and Red Bull you could reasonably argue that Mercedes have the best driver combination on the grid," Brundle concluded.

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