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Alesi expects strong Ferrari: 'Red Bull has no advantage over them'

Alesi expects strong Ferrari: 'Red Bull has no advantage over them'

10 May - 11:34 Last update: 15:27


For Ferrari, meanwhile, the flag is flying a lot differently than it was two races ago. After three Grands Prix they had a huge lead in both championships, but after a race in Imola and a race in Miami that gap has disappeared like snow in the sun. In the constructors' championship, Red Bull Racing is suddenly right behind the Italian team, while Max Verstappen has already narrowed the gap to Charles Leclerc.

So far no reason for panic at the team from Maranello, but some reason for concern. Jean Alesi thinks that it is mainly because of the circuits where F1 now runs. He explains in Il Corriere della Sera that he doesn't notice any major differences between the two top teams "My belief is that you can't really talk about a Red Bull advantage over Ferrari."

Sainz should have defended harder against Verstappen

"The two cars are equivalent." According to the former F1 driver, there really will be developments, but big miracles will remain out of the question and this season will remain exciting for a long time. About the race in Miami, the former Ferrari driver was not happy about one particular thing.

On the opening lap, Max Verstappen passed Carlos Sainz on the outside with ease. This allowed the Dutchman to rejoin Charles Leclerc, while the Spaniard himself was getting pressure from Sergio Perez. Alesi thinks Sainz should have handled this completely differently but also sees a cause. "His hesitation at the start I think was dictated by the accidents he suffered. Next time he will behave differently."

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