Verstappen agrees with Hamilton: 'I would love to race there'

10-05-2022 08:15 | Updated: 10-05-2022 09:44
Verstappen agrees with Hamilton: 'I would love to race there'

Max Verstappen would like to take Formula 1 to South Africa again in the future. In doing so, he joins Lewis Hamilton with this opinion. The Mercedes driver is a great advocate of taking the premier class of motor racing to the Kyalami circuit once a year.

The African continent is not yet on the calendar and according to Hamilton the addition of a country in Africa would be of great value to Formula 1. South Africa is the best destination according to him and so Verstappen also sees racing in Johannesburg as something he would like to do. "I'd like to race in Africa. So Kyalami would be a cool addition", says the 24-year-old Dutchman.

Will return become reality?

The last Grand Prix in South Africa took place in 1993. Kyalami's CEO has already confirmed that he hopes Formula 1 will return to South Africa soon. Liberty Media also seems to be interested in a return, but several factors play a role.

Formula 1 is in demand. An awful lot of organisations want to bring the premier class of motor sports to their own country, but they have to pull out their wallets to do so. The question is whether South Africa can meet the financial requirements. However, last month rumors surfaced that Formula 1 is close to an agreement with Kyalami.

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