Wolff says Mercedes is not ruling out returning to older version of the W13

09-05-2022 15:52 | Updated: 09-05-2022 18:17
by GPblog.com
Wolff says Mercedes is not ruling out returning to older version of the W13

It seemed to be such a great weekend for Mercedes after an excellent second free practice in Miami, but the German racing stable totally failed to extend that form to Saturday and Sunday. There are still a lot of question marks over Toto Wolff's team. The team boss therefore does not want to rule out returning to an older concept of the car.

After the Grand Prix, Wolff already said he didn't understand that the decay within two days could be so big. The current W13 is unpredictable and that worries Mercedes. The Brackley-based team sometimes suddenly finds the speed, but then never knows why.

What direction will Mercedes take?

Wolff agreed that this cannot continue like this for the whole season. Speaking to Sky Sports he says that returning to an older concept of the car is among the possibilities. "I wouldn't discount anything," said the Austrian top executive. Still, he does not want to rush anything and keeps faith in his employees. "But we need to give all of our people that have produced great race cars in the past the benefit of the doubt and we believe this is the route to go."

Mercedes is suffering from correlation problems. The results from the wind tunnel and simulator are very different from the data gained on the track. So, according to Wolff, switching to a different philosophy is one of the options, but not before the reigning World Champion understands where things have gone wrong and what the good and less good points of the current concept are.

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