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Part of Miami circuit resurfaced for second time after damage

Part of Miami circuit resurfaced for second time after damage

7 May - 15:44 Last update: 16:52


The FIA has added two items to the Event Notes for the Miami Grand Prix. The first concerns two adjustments to the circuit, the second continues a much-discussed topic this weekend: the ban on wearing jewelry.

The circuit in Miami underwent some adjustments even before the first free practice session. There was damage to the asphalt in several places, after which the concerning places were asphalted again. For turn 17 this was not sufficient, because the FIA has announced that this spot has been asphalted again.

FIA makes adjustments to Miami circuit

In addition, an adjustment was made to the chicane in front of the entrance to the pit lane. This consists of two tight corners which are not part of the pit lane itself, so the speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour did not apply there. Race director Niels Wittich decided on Thursday to allow the speed limit to take effect before the chicane for safety reasons, but there were still concerns about the kerbs in the chicane.

If a driver hit them the wrong way, he could end up in the wall. This was discussed by the drivers during the briefing on Friday, after which it was decided to remove the kerbs and replace them with posts, one at each apex.

Jewellery rules clarified after Hamilton discussion

Meanwhile, a hefty discussion has flared up regarding Lewis Hamilton's jewellery, who is having some trouble complying with the enforcement of that rule. In the race document, Wittich has once again clarified that watches are also considered jewellery, possibly in an attempt to preempt a silent protest from the Mercedes driver.

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