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Renault confirms talks with Andretti: 'We did the same with Red Bull'

Renault confirms talks with Andretti: 'We did the same with Red Bull'

28 April - 16:54 Last update: 17:29


For months now, Andretti has been hinting that they are working on a plan to set up the Formula One team. For a long time, there were rumours, but Michael Andretti's plans seem to be getting more and more serious. According to the American, the engine supplier is in all likelihood Renault, but so far the French engine supplier has kept quiet.

Until today, because CEO of the Renault Group, Luca de Meo, has told F1only that there are indeed talks with Andretti about a possible engine deal." I believe that there are talks about it, but I am not the one who is in charge of this. Laurent Rossi (CEO Alpine, ed.) is in charge of these talks". Still, De Meo sees it as a good idea for Andretti to become a customer team of the French.

New partner after McLaren and Red Bull

Renault is currently the only engine supplier without customer teams. Only Alpine is currently supplied with a Renault engine. In recent years Renault was much more to be found on the grid, but in recent years more teams left and nobody came in their place. De Meo notices that as well.

"Of course, we are currently looking at the possibility of partnering with someone. At one point we were selling engines to Red Bull and McLaren, but that is no longer the case." Whether Andretti will become a customer team of Renault remains to be seen. Indeed, the Americans are also considering taking over an existing team and whether Renault will go along with that remains to be seen.

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