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Ferrari: 'No major updates in Miami, only in Barcelona'

Ferrari: 'No major updates in Miami, only in Barcelona'

24 April - 18:54 Last update: 18:55


Until the Grand Prix in Imola, Ferrari was by far the fastest team on the grid. During the home race in Italy this was absolutely different: Red Bull Racing was very dominant and Ferrari could never claim victory.

No changes

Red Bull had made several updates before the Grand Prix in Imola, the most notable being the reduction of the RB18's excess weight. After losing 7 kilograms of excess ballast, Verstappen already announced that his car now felt much better. The updates did not miss their effect, because Red Bull finished in places 1 and 2 in Imola.

Ferrari had chosen not to make any major changes in Italy. The Italians relied on the strong Ferrari of the first few weeks, so the real need to make changes may have been lacking.


No major updates are to be expected for the upcoming race in Miami either, according to team boss Mattia Binotto in Imola. the Italian media. Only at the Barcelona Grand Prix, which follows the race in Miami, does Ferrari plan to make a significant upgrade.

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