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Rosberg on the Mercedes row: 'Maybe Toto was angry about that'

Rosberg on the Mercedes row: 'Maybe Toto was angry about that'

23 April - 11:45 Last update: 14:54


At Mercedes, irritation is apparently starting to grow over the missed season start. Even during qualifying there was a heated discussion in the pit box between Lewis Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff.

Lewis frustrated?

It is speculation what exactly was said, but Nico Rosberg has an idea. At SkySports the German says he thinks Wolff was irritated about something Lewis had done. "Lewis could've been frustrated on the internal garage radio complaining that they didn't follow his thoughts on strategy or complaining about the car."

Hamilton got out of the car before Q2 was even over. "Lewis got out the car before Q2 was over, there might've been 1% chance that the track was still in a good shape. maybe Toto was angry about that. It just shows the stress is starting to get there. Rather than going forward, they are actually going backwards. Almost two seconds a lap slower and the worst qualifying session for 10 years. The tension will build internally."

Best team leaders

Rosberg thinks Wolff's position - despite the downturn - should not be questioned. "Toto is one of the best team leaders we've seen in the sport, he's strong at keeping people together. Of course, he'll have outbursts of angryness but he's the right guy," Rosberg said.

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