Contract extension for Sainz in doubt? 'Disagreement with Ferrari'

Contract extension for Sainz in doubt? 'Disagreement with Ferrari'

19-04-2022 14:43 Last update: 17:16

There are conflicting reports about the possible contract extension for Carlos Sainz. While one source says that the deal is already done and will be announced before Imola, another states that no signatures have been put on the contract at all.

According to the two parties do not agree on the duration of the contract. Sainz would like a two-year deal, while Ferrari is pushing for a one-year contract extension with a unilateral option for the team to extend the partnership until the end of 2024.

Disagreement between Sainz and Ferrari?

If that is indeed the case, then it is not surprising that this is causing disagreement. Sainz indicated in the past that he has a strong preference for multi-year contracts because of the stability it gives.

At the beginning of the Formula 1 season, the deal seemed to be almost done, but possibly Ferrari has a different view after the first three races. Whereas Sainz impressed last year by beating teammate Charles Leclerc in the championship, he has so far been outclassed by the Monegasque.