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Verstappen sees opportunities in setbacks: It's never a straight line up

Verstappen sees opportunities in setbacks: "It's never a straight line up"

18 April - 18:58 Last update: 19:28

Max Verstappen says Red Bull Racing's difficult start to the 2022 Formula 1 season, in which reliability problems have cost both drivers many points, can help him improve himself and ultimately look stronger in the battle for the world title.

The reigning world champion has to settle for a provisional sixth place in the standings and a 46-point gap on leader Charles Leclerc after two stoppages. Nevertheless, he and Red Bull Racing remain top favourites for the title, but the team must start providing him with a reliable car.

Verstappen gets better through setbacks

In a video from sponsor Bybit, Verstappen says he believes he and his team can get better through setbacks and the lessons learned from them. "Of course, it's never one straight line up, you have difficult moments and setbacks and you learn from it," says the world champion.

He continues: "I think, at the end of the day, you need to make mistakes or have setbacks to ultimately become a better individual." In doing so, according to the Dutchman, it is important to keep the motivation to keep learning, because: "Standing still is basically going backwards," said Verstappen.

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