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Fittipaldi expressed expectation: 'Hundred per cent different'

Fittipaldi expressed expectation: 'Hundred per cent different'

14-04-2022 14:59 Last update: 17:11


The Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to take place next season. The news could count on a lot of enthusiasm in late March. Emerson Fittipaldi also thinks that the return of Formula 1 to Las Vegas will be a success.

It had been in the air for some time that the motorsport class would return to the United States for another race in 2023. Formula 1 is more popular than ever, thanks in part to the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton as well as the success of the Netflix series Drive to Survive, so the FIA sees a clear outlet.

"The history of Las Vegas and Formula 1 has never been good in the past. Because they only made F1 in parking lots before," he stated. "It was like a semi-permanent track. Actually, it was on a parking lot from Caesar’s, from the Caesar (Palace) hotel. But now, it’s going to be a hundred per cent different."

Hope for GP of South Africa

Behind the scenes, the FIA is working on another return. Indeed, the organization is reportedly thinking about hosting the GP of South Africa again. However, it seems to be some time before the knot is actually tied.

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