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Verstappen takes advantage of Perez: 'Only driver I see doing that'

Verstappen takes advantage of Perez: 'Only driver I see doing that'

14 April - 13:19 Last update: 17:09


Max Verstappen experienced a rough start to the new season. The Dutchman only finished one of the three opening races, which means that he is already far behind leader Charles Leclerc. However, according to David Tremayne, Verstappen has a big advantage over the competition.

The journalist from Formula1.com believes that it is important within teams that it is clear what everyone's role is. Where Sergio Perez seems to be well aware that his teammate is the biggest contender to fight for winning the World Championship, it seems to be different at Ferrari.

"This year, the only driver in the top three teams that I see willingly doing that is Sergio Perez," Tremayne points to the choice to chip away at yourself. "That’s one advantage that Max Verstappen carries, as Mercedes will allow Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to race one another as will Ferrari with Charles and Carlos Sainz (at least up to a point, as a title is so crucial to them)."

Perez was important to Verstappen in 2021

Last season Perez proved how important a second driver within a team can be. The Mexican managed to hold off Hamilton for several laps during the final race in Abu Dhabi. It ensured that Verstappen had enough time at the end of the GP to drive past Hamilton and take the world title.

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