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Coronel on disappointing Hamilton: This is the K.O. on your nose

Coronel on disappointing Hamilton: "This is the K.O. on your nose"

8 April - 11:56 Last update: 13:29


Lewis Hamilton gained only one point during the previous race in Saudi Arabia. The car made by Mercedes is nowhere near up to standard, but even the seven-time world champion is not yet performing to his usual standard. WTCR driver Tom Coronel is critical.

Hamilton is not there yet

It is to be hoped for Hamilton that he improves in Australia, although after Friday it doesn't look quite right for the silver-painted Mercedes. At Viaplay Coronel talks about Hamilton's first two races: "This is really the K.O. on your nose. In Barcelona they were very different and came up with a whole new concept of that car. It's not good now. You know why he's still driving; that eighth title is of course the ultimate goal, but that's not going to happen yet this season."

Coronel puts Hamilton's situation further into perspective by adding the defeat against Max Verstappen in 2021. Hamilton received an incredibly hard blow from that and disappeared from the face of the earth for a few months. Coronel: "Then you come back really sharp after a difficult winter and you just don't get the material you're used to."

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