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Hill on 2022 title fight: 'We have to watch out for Verstappen'

Hill on 2022 title fight: 'We have to watch out for Verstappen'

6 April - 11:58 Last update: 13:47


For the first time since 2019, there will be racing again in Australia. Due to the corona pandemic, the 2020 race was cancelled at the last minute. Although the 2021 Grand Prix was moved to November, it too was cancelled. Now all the signs seem to be green for the third Grand Prix of the season.

In the first two races we saw each time a duel between Max Verstappen and Carles Leclerc for the lead of the race. In Bahrain the Monegasque won and the Red Bull Racing driver was too fast for his rival in Saudi Arabia. Who is most likely to end up being crowned world champion in Abu Dhabi is still a big question for everyone in the paddock, including Damon Hill.

Verstappen with mental advantage

He sees Leclerc and Verstappen pushing each other to the next level, giving viewers tremendous duels to watch. Although Ferrari seems to have the faster car, Hill explains at Sky Sports explains that he expects a lot from Verstappen, also because of the championship last season. "He will be going into this battle knowing that he at least got one in the bank," he said.

"Leclerc will probably be the main title contender, but it’s still very early days". What is clear is that the two trust each other on the track, making for hard racing, but also fair. Still, the 1996 world champion expects Verstappen to hold the best cards. "I would say that Max is the guy to watch out for and I think that Charles is going to have a hard job keeping him behind," he said.

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