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Hamilton and Rossi discuss success in F1 and MotoGP

Hamilton and Rossi discuss success in F1 and MotoGP

1 April - 16:47 Last update: 1 April - 16:47


Valentino Rossi hung up his helmet at the end of last year at the age of 42. The Italian was the figurehead of motorsport for many years and still is for many fans, but if it had been up to Lewis Hamilton he would have gladly taken on that role himself. The two discuss auto and motorsport in a joint video interview.

As a child, Hamilton says he was interested in racing two-wheelers, but his father would have put a stop to that. "My father said motorcycles were dangerous, so I chose cars. I think it was the right choice, because otherwise I wouldn't have been so successful (against Rossi)," jokes the Mercedes driver on the YouTube-channel of sponsor IWC.

Hamilton thinks success in F1 and MotoGP is possible

Rossi and Hamilton already swapped vehicles in 2019, with Rossi testing in the Mercedes, while Hamilton got to try out Rossi's Yamaha. Previously, Rossi stepped in several times at Ferrari, by whom he was even offered another contract.

"It's very strange that all the MotoGP riders love Formula 1 and that Formula 1 riders love MotoGP," Rossi points out. Despite the major differences between the two disciplines, Hamilton believes that with enough "natural talent" one can be successful in both F1 and MotoGP. In doing so, the key, according to the Briton, is in the "ability to adapt your driving style".

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