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Saudi minister: 'Formula 1 creates positive change'

Saudi minister: 'Formula 1 creates positive change'

31 March - 17:49 Last update: 18:02


This weekend, many drivers and other leaders questioned whether Formula 1 should continue to race in Saudi Arabia. Because of human rights in the country, the missile attack during the second free practice session that took place just kilometres from the track, and also because of the dangerous track.

No plans for scrapping GP Saudi Arabia

Despite the objections, Formula 1 does not seem to be planning to remove the Grand Prix in Jeddah from the calendar. Motorsport.com does report that there will be discussions about safety on and around the circuit. Like last year, there were some big crashes this weekend, with Mick Schumacher's having the biggest impact.

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia's minister of sports, let it be known that he wants to do everything possible to make everyone feel safe. Al-Faisal is open to talks to look at possible solutions. He wants to give the teams and drivers the assurances they need and is willing to show the teams everything.

Formula 1 provides positive change

The fact that Saudi Arabia is part of the Formula One calendar is often defended on the grounds that the sport can bring about positive change in the Arab country. Al-Faisal agrees with this and reveals that Saudi Arabia has entered into a long-term cooperation with Formula 1 for this very reason. The minister wants the country to grow with the help of sport.

Al-Faisal agrees that there is still room for improvement in the country. He points out that Saudi Arabia is a young nation [the country has existed in its current form since 1932] and it still has much to learn. According to Al-Faisal, much has already changed in recent years, including in the area of human rights. He does have to admit that some things simply take a bit more time, but the country wants to move forward and make Saudi Arabia a better country.

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