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Marko comes with good news: 'This should bring significant gains'

Marko comes with good news: 'This should bring significant gains'

29 March - 11:55 Last update: 12:34


After a dramatic race in Bahrain, Red Bull Racing was able to smile again in Saudi Arabia after Max Verstappen' s win and Sergio Perez's pole position. Red Bull does have stiff competition from Ferrari, but according to Helmut Marko the RB18 will improve from Imola.

Red Bull gets a lot lighter

In the program Talk im Hangar-7 on Austria's ServusTV, Helmut Marko is the guest to talk about the battle between Red Bull and Ferrari. The Red Bull advisor sees a Ferrari that is fast in all conditions, regardless of temperature or tires. Even when it comes to the engine, the Italians have an advantage according to the Austrian.

From Imola onwards, however, Red Bull should start to gain the upper hand, Marko reveals. This is because the team is working on a number of new parts that will significantly reduce the weight of the car. "This should result in a significant gain in lap times," the 78-year-old reveals.

Melbourne similar to Jeddah

Before Formula 1 heads to Imola, the Australian Grand Prix will be held. For that race, Marko predicts another exciting battle between Ferrari and Red Bull. "I think Melbourne will be about the same as Jeddah," he said. Earlier, Marko revealed that the RB18 is a "Prima Donna. A more difficult car, but if you can manage it there is potential in it.

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