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Magnussen and Hulkenberg over 'suck my balls moment'

Magnussen and Hulkenberg over 'suck my balls moment'

25 March - 19:24 Last update: 22:33


Kevin Magnussen was told a good week in advance that he will drive a full F1 season at Haas in 2022. Nico Hulkenberg will also make a comeback for two races in 2022. The two comeback kids put their dispute from the past to rest.

It was in 2017, yet neither of them will escape it again. Surely it was a remarkable moment in F1 history. Hulkenberg and Magnussen got into a small argument in front of the camera after the race in Budapest. Magnussen had driven a bit too aggressively and drove Hulkenberg in his Renault off the track. Hulkenberg had made a remark about this during an interview with Magnussen. Magnussen responded with: "Suck my balls, mate".

Hulkenberg and Magnussen settle dispute

The drivers both drove in Formula 1 for several years after that and never exchanged a word with each other. After they both said goodbye to the sport, yet returned again this year, the hatchet has been buried between the two. Motorsport.com quotes Hulkenberg: "I even greeted him with 'suck my balls, honey'. It's not that I don't like him, but we just hadn't talked to each other after Budapest. Before that, we never talked either, by the way." Hulkenberg felt it was time to move past the incident. In retrospect, the German is happy, because Magnussen could also laugh at his greeting.

Magnussen: "It's not something I've been awake about. But yes, it's always good. We never talked about it. The funny thing is that this isn't the only thing I've pulled at Nico." The two are in the same boat at the moment and might be better off helping each other than opposing each other in the race. Although Magnussen has a whole season ahead of him because Nikita Mazepin is not coming back, Hulkenberg will most likely be out of action next race because Sebastian Vettel should be better by then.

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