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Häkkinen on race control: 'Purely out of calculation that someone does it'

Häkkinen on race control: 'Purely out of calculation that someone does it'

5 March - 15:18 Last update: 15:46


Formula 1 experienced a blistering season last year, with huge pressure on the race committee. After the end of the race year, they had to deal with a lot of criticism, which Mika Häkkinen could understand.

Under the leadership of Michael Masi, the race directors entered a new year at the beginning of 2021. However, during several Grands Prix, including at Silverstone and in Abu Dhabi, their decisions did not look good. Among other things, it led to the departure of Masi after the end of the season, who will be given another position by the FIA.

According to Häkkinen, the race management also made mistakes in his time, but it depends on how often they occur.

"That you make a mistake once, that should be possible. But if you do it a few times, it's no longer a mistake. Then it's purely out of calculation that someone does it," he explained in the F1 Talks program on Viaplay.

FIA opts for new structure

Following last season, the FIA has opted to appoint two race directors who will work alternately. Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas are the two people who will take on this task. Herbie Blash should be the one to support both men.

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