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Ecclestone vindicates FIA: 'There is no relationship there'

Ecclestone vindicates FIA: 'There is no relationship there'

2 March - 15:23 Last update: 18:37


Bernie Ecclestone thinks it is an understandable decision by the FIA to allow Russian people in the sport this season, he revealed in an interview with The Independent. According to him there is no relationship between the Russian war in Ukraine and the sport.

Nikita Mazepin had to fear a sudden disappearance from Formula 1 this week. As Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine last week, several sports federations decided to make a fierce statement by no longer allowing Russian athletes in. The FIA also seemed to make a similar choice but decided otherwise after all.

The driver must race under the general FIA flag in the coming period and is therefore not allowed to represent Russia. Ecclestone, who has a good relationship with Putin, understands the decision to leave Mazepin in place. "There are so many things being agreed by the world about this conflict between Russian and Ukraine. But I don’t think anybody has really thought it through or got their heads around it," he responds. "If there is a Russian driver in F1, what does it have to do with Russia fighting a war? There is no relationship there."

GP Russia has been permanently scrapped

In addition, the organization around Formula 1 decided that there will be no Grand Prix in Russia this season. In the coming period, the FIA will look for another venue at which the drivers will race in September.

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