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Andretti unveils plan: 'With this engine supplier we will work together'

Andretti unveils plan: 'With this engine supplier we will work together'

26-02-2022 09:20 Last update: 10:50


For some time now, Andretti has been working to bring the name back to Formula One. Besides Haas, the motorsports family wants to become the second American Formula One team. A few weeks ago confirmation came that they are working with the FIA on an official registration and now Mario Andretti has revealed more about the plans they have for the coming years.

"We are not the new boys in town. We know the prerequisites and there is also a time factor to that," explained Andretti in conversation with David Land.

"Once we said we would go for it, we really had to go for it. We have already done a lot of work, for example we already know where we are going to build our facilities in the UK."

Andretti goes into partnership with Renault

The plan is to make their entry as a team into Formula 1 in 2024 and until then they will be working hard to get a car ready for the start of their F1 era. The first contracts for this are already in place. One of the starting points for Andretti was to arrange an engine supplier. For this, all options were still open, but Andretti did not wait long to make a choice.

"We already have a formal agreement with an engine supplier, and that is already known. That's going to be Renault, I can reveal that. From now on, there are still a lot of steps to be taken, but we are ready for that." For Renault, that will be the second team with their engines, besides Alpine.