Wolff hopes for strong Ferrari: We missed them
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Wolff hopes for strong Ferrari: "We missed them"

20 February - 20:00

Ferrari has had a difficult few years in Formula 1. The Italian superpower was totally out of the running in 2020 and 2021, but there is confidence that it can catch up with the top teams next season. Toto Wolff hopes that Ferrari has everything on track and can indeed compete for victories.

Ferrari comes from afar

In 2019, many F1 teams suspected that Ferrari was tampering with fuel flow sensors. This allowed Ferrari to feed more fuel to the engine without sensors noticing. As a result, Ferrari was able to put out much more horsepower than the competition at key moments. During the United States GP, the FIA issued a 'technical directive' and from that moment on Ferrari was no longer able to compete in the premier class of motor sport.

The low point was 2020, when Mattia Binotto's team finished sixth in the world championship. Ferrari recovered last season, but the gap to Mercedes and Red Bull Racing was still extremely large. Wolff, in an online press briefing, reveals to GPblog and others that Ferrari is consistently able to compete at the front again.

Wolff loves Ferrari

"As a fan, I love Ferrari. They are the greatest name in Formula 1 and it cannot be that Ferrari are not competing for race victories and titles" said Wolff, who does admit that this is not a given. "Winning championships is something different, mainly things have to come together to achieve that."

For Mercedes, of course, it would be better if Ferrari misinterprets the new rules for 2022. After all, that would increase the chances of the reigning world champion winning the world title. Yet Wolff does not want that to happen, quite the contrary. "For all of us, fans of the sport, Ferrari need to be in the mix. We have missed them in the last few years. The passion of everyone at Ferrari and the Tiffosi, it is important to see the car is competitive. I hope there will be a few of us able to win races and fighting hard on the track.” 

Ferrari F1-75 in action as early as Tuesday

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will have to show it in the Ferrari F1-75 next year. The formation from Maranello has scheduled the filming day for Tuesday at the Barcelona circuit. The following three days are the first three days of the winter tests.

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