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Has Red Bull found the new double diffuser with this innovation?

Has Red Bull found the new double diffuser with this innovation?

20 February - 12:45 Last update: 13:53

In images that have emerged from the shakedown that Red Bull Racing held at the Silverstone circuit, Craig Scarborough has discovered something new. Like Aston Martin, the Austrians appear to be opting for a different front suspension.

Test of Red Bull

While Ferrari was presenting the new F1-75, reports suddenly came in on Thursday of a secret test by Red Bull at Silverstone. Whereas all other teams had disclosed their shakedowns so far, this was not the case with Red Bull. This, of course, piqued the interest of many.

First of all, Red Bull's new front wing stood out, which, unlike Ferrari, seems to have much more shape and bulge. This was also the case with Mercedes' front wing and, to a lesser extent, McLaren's. The biggest change the Formula 1 tech expert has discovered. Indeed, according to Scarborough, Red Bull seems to opt for a so-called pullrod front suspension.

New suspension at the RB18

Just like Aston Martin before it, Red Bull now also notices that they opt for a different type of suspension. The pushrod front suspension has been common in Formula 1 in recent years, where the rod is mounted at the highest point of the chassis and provides pressure on the tire from top to bottom. With a pullrod, it's the other way around.

Why Red Bull and Aston Martin have opted for a different front suspension is not yet known. It will become clear on the circuit whether this is the new 'double diffuser,' or whether Aston Martin and Red Bull have perhaps missed the mark.

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