Column | The logic behind a new Sainz deal

Column | The logic behind a new Sainz deal

16 February - 08:27

The driver market will never stop swirling with rumours and speculation. This time, reports have come stating that Carlos Sainz may continue his tenure at Scuderia Ferrari, after an impressive first season with the scarlet team. Why would both parties want to continue and will we see a successful partnership into the future?


Carlos Sainz’s first season at Ferrari has been something to behold. Beating his highly impressive teammate in the standings while claiming three podiums is quite impressive, considering the performances came in his first season with a new team. After ironing out the mistakes he experienced in the first half of the year, the Spaniard got back onto the form which he is known for. Consistent performances allowed both he and teammate Charles Leclerc to rebound Ferrari back into third place in the constructor’s standings, after the disastrous 2020 season.

Driver character

In both McLaren & Ferrari, Sainz has been praised for his professionalism and readiness to commit all to the team. Personnel within McLaren have stated that his skills when communicating driver feedback as “like an engineer’s”. He is fluent in Italian, allowing him to integrate smoothly with the personnel and stakeholders surrounding the headquarters. His move to a place on the outskirts of the Maranello allows him to be readily available & frequently visit in order to assist the team in anything they might need from him. His father & cousin also support him, both as relatives to support & as a source of guidance.His hardworking attitude and dedication allowed him to bed himself into the team, allowing him to be one of the quickest to adapt to his new racing environment. 

Ideals for the future

One would expect - with his performances & the timing of a potential announcement - that a long term contract is on the books for the Spaniard. This would match, for some time, Charles Leclerc’s massive contract with the team as well, bringing forth a close partnership between the two drivers and the team. This would only benefit the Italian constructors, as the drivers seem to have a good partnership and both understand that the team is more important than the driver. 

However, this does leave much of the Ferrari driver academy in a state of limbo. Notably, Mick Schumacher may have to extend his stay at Haas for the foreseeable future. Holding out till an opening appears at the Italian team will allow him to hone his skills in the midfield and grow, as a driver, in F1. As for the rest of the academy, the Le Mans Hypercar certainly remains a decent prospect for glory under the “Prancing Horses”. Yet, if the Sainz-Leclerc partnership has shown this much promise in one year for iconic marque, then continuing the lineup is a definite no-brainer. Till then, the team will need to continue to work hard, in tandem with the drivers, to set the foundations for a successful future under the new cost cap & regulations.

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