A misfire? 'Aston Martin already thinking about B version of car'

A misfire? 'Aston Martin already thinking about B version of car'

13-02-2022 14:59 Last update: 18:54

As the first team, Aston Martin brought the new car onto the track. Last Friday there was the shakedown, with Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll driving the first kilometers in their new car. But whether this is actually the car to start the season with?

Not convinced

According to Aston Martin, the main reason for making the first meters so early was to identify any teething problems at an early stage. According to AutoBild there are plenty of them. In fact, the German medium reports that Aston Martin is not nearly as convinced about the new car as the team would have the outside world believe. Reportedly, the team is already working hard to introduce a B-version of the car mid-season.

AutoBild was particularly struck by the rear of the Aston Martin. It looked very wide from above. The German site makes the comparison with the Haas, which has a considerably narrower back, just like Red Bull always has. An extremely narrow rear end should improve airflow. The German journalist also calls the Aston Martin's cooling system a mystery.


For Aston Martin it would be a huge setback if it indeed turns out that the new car is a failure. The English team had sacrificed last season for the coming one. Yet it is still difficult to draw any real conclusions. Only during the winter tests will it become clear how Aston Martin compares to the competition.