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Hamilton and Verstappen compared: 'He doesn't use the full width'

Hamilton and Verstappen compared: 'He doesn't use the full width'

8 February - 18:57 Last update: 8 February - 18:57


There may have been hundreds of comparisons between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton last season. With an eye on the brand new rules in 2022, former F1 driver Sergey Sirotkin also dares to venture into it.

Sirotkin has driven one season of Formula 1 in which he drove against both Verstappen and Hamilton. Although in that year he will not have looked much at the driving style of the two world champions. In a the slow 2018 Williams, the Russian often drove at the back of the field.

Verstappen against Hamilton

These days Sirotkin works a little extra off the track and in his latest column at Formule1.nl the Russian puts the different driving styles of Verstappen and Hamilton under the microscope. According to him Hamilton gains ground especially in the slow parts of the circuits. Sirotkin is impressed by how the Mercedes driver can handle his brakes. Hamilton loses in longer corner combinations. "That's because Lewis doesn't always use the full width of the track by a long shot."

Verstappen, on the other hand, is very good at combinations of corners, such as Maggotts and Becketts at Silverstone. According to Sirotkin, the Dutchman uses as much of the track as possible and can thus make some kind of combination almost 'straight'. Fast circuits like Jeddah, Silverstone and Circuit of the Americas would therefore suit the Red Bull Racing driver better.

Who will have the advantage in 2022?

Looking at the new cars used in 2022, Sirotkin expects Hamilton to have a slight advantage. Although he admits that it is of course only certain when the cars first appear on the track.

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