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New video from Mercedes ends Hamilton's radio silence

New video from Mercedes ends Hamilton's radio silence

31-01-2022 16:49 Last update: 17:50

Lewis Hamilton's radio silence has lasted for almost two months now, but a new short video from Mercedes finally shows the seven-time world champion again.

To this day, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is causing discussions. It seemed that Hamilton was going to win the race easily, until Nicholas Latifi caused a crash. The safety car went in with one lap to go and on that lap Max Verstappen managed to overtake him.

Mercedes and Hamilton were incredibly frustrated and a radio silence followed. Mercedes' was short-lived, but the world champion has not posted anything on social media for months. This created rumours and many people are wondering if he will retire or if he will step back into the Mercedes next year after all.

Video on the Chinese New Year

The Mercedes driver appears on social media for the first time in 2022 in a new video from Mercedes. This video was posted on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. In the new video, he and his new teammate George Russell wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year. "I wish you a happy Chinese New Year. May the new year bring you happiness and everything you wish for."

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