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Albon on Verstappen's strength: 'That bond is impressive'

Albon on Verstappen's strength: 'That bond is impressive'

31 January - 11:24 Last update: 15:38


Alexander Albon was not surprised when his former teammate Max Verstappen won the world title in 2021. The driver, who will be driving for Williams next season, experienced up close how the Dutchman worked and has a lot of respect for that.

While Albon was Verstappen's teammate in 2020, he had the role of test driver at Red Bull Racing last season. At that time, Verstappen was battling Lewis Hamilton and faced a lot of external pressure. Albon noticed that the Dutch driver remained calm under the expectations, however.

According to Albon, the key to success lies in the collaboration between engineer Gianpiero Lambiase and Verstappen. "That bond is impressive," he says in an interview with Formule1.nl. "Max and Gianpiero rarely talk about details because they understand each other so well. During a race weekend, it is not necessary for them to talk for hours about setups of the car. Sometimes they even have the car in order after ten or fifteen minutes."

Verstappen trusts team completely

Although Verstappen wants to compete for the world title again in 2022, he does not put extra pressure on his team according to Albon. The Thai emphasises that Verstappen always keeps faith in the people around him and that his main focus is on driving.

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