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Hamilton ready for new battle: 'That might be his last chance'

Hamilton ready for new battle: 'That might be his last chance'

30 January - 11:25 Last update: 17:08


Max Verstappen became World Champion on December 12. That's almost two months ago, but in the meantime Lewis Hamilton is still silent. Formula 2 talent Bent Viscal thinks it's unlikely that the Brit will actually quit and argue that he is just preparing for the new season.

The seven-time World Champion already has many records to his name. He has won seven world titles, as well as the most wins, pole positions, podiums and points. The Mercedes driver was ready to add an eighth title to the list, but Verstappen managed to win the race in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of speculation about the future of the 37-year-old driver, as he has not said anything since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Viscal expects that we will just see him back on the grid this year, but that he is now preparing for the new season. "Maybe 2022 is his last chance," he told the NOS.

New battle with Russell provides motivation

Nobody wants to lose a race and a championship in the way he did, yet the former McLaren driver didn't let his head hang immediately. He was very gracious in defeat after the race, but it is fully understandable that he has been quiet for a while. The feeling as if you are being wronged is very difficult and something that the Formula 2 driver has often experienced.

The former World Champion is probably preparing for a new season in which he will have to compete against a new teammate. "It would be very unfortunate for the fans to miss the duel with his new teammate. The arrival of George Russell should be extra motivation to continue," said Viscaal.

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