'FIA considers new system with video assistants'

'FIA considers new system with video assistants'

29 January - 13:04 Last update: 15:33

Michael Masi and the FIA are under fire after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In four weeks the Formula 1 season starts with the official test days, so there is not much time to come up with solutions. However, there are already plans for a new structure.

Earlier, news emerged that Masi's position may be in jeopardy. The FIA itself acknowledged that too many responsibilities fall on one person. has learned that a new structure will be introduced that will divide the race director's responsibilities among several people. Consideration is being given to hiring additional race directors.

According to the German site, the new system would be similar to VAR in football. The F1 teams themselves already work with that system. In fact, there are people in the factory who receive all the data on the track and thus support the team. The FIA now wants to work with something similar. There would be a central team of video assistants that advises the race control during the race weekends. They can monitor different scenarios and intervene in emergencies.

Less chaos

The radio messages from the teams will also be received by them, which will eliminate chaos with team bosses interfering with race control decisions. This caused a stir especially in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Several F1 experts have already called for the abolition of radio messages between teams and the FIA. The new system should distribute the pressure among several people.