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Hamilton will come back twice as strong: That's just how he is

Hamilton will come back twice as strong: "That's just how he is"

29 January - 12:26 Last update: 15:32


Valtteri Bottas will drive for Alfa Romeo in 2022. The Finn was Lewis Hamilton's teammate at Mercedes for five years. He expects Hamilton to come back twice as strong in the new season.

The setback in Abu Dhabi was great for Hamilton. Since the last race, he hasn't said a word on social media. In his years at Mercedes, Bottas got to know his teammate well.

In the Finnish podcast Supla the 32-year-old driver is asked if Hamilton's need to perform well and succeed is greater than others'. "Yes, I think the last race of this season was a good example", Bottas states.

Grave mood days after the race

"I saw him days later after the race and the mood was still like at a funeral. He knows he didn't lose the race himself, he was robbed of it, but it's hard to accept that it was taken away from him like that."

Bottas doesn't seem to believe that Hamilton is going to retire from Formula One after the defeat in Abu Dhabi. "Just wait, he'll come back twice as strong as he does every time. That's just how he is." So if it's up to the Finn, next year we'll see the Briton fight even harder for his eighth world title.

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