Vandoorne after De Vries win: "Am of course a bit disappointed"

29-01-2022 08:13 | Updated: 29-01-2022 10:22
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Vandoorne after De Vries win: Am of course a bit disappointed

Mercedes drivers Nyck de Vries and Stoffel Vandoorne scored a double victory in the first Formula E race of the season. De Vries crossed the finish line first, after Vandoorne ran into problems activating his 'attack mode'. The Belgian was therefore somewhat disappointed with his second place.

Vandoorne qualified on pole and was one of the big favourites for victory in Riyadh. He took the lead at the start and seemed to be on his way to victory, when something went wrong activating his attack mode. He lost the lead to teammate De Vries.

Vandoorne wants second chance after De Vries win

"Of course, I'm a bit disappointed, but I think it's not bad when you have the luxury of being dissatisfied with second place," the Mercedes driver explained after the race. "A one-two is a great result for the team. You can't be disappointed after such a fantastic team result at the beginning of the season."

Another race will take place on Saturday and Vandoorne can try to turn the retake into his first Formula E victory of the season. The race starts at 17:00 UK time.

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