Honda comes out with update: Work on the power unit is almost complete
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Honda comes out with update: "Work on the power unit is almost complete"

28 January - 19:35 Last update: 28 January - 19:35

The Honda engine for 2022 is as good as ready. That's what Honda's Yasuaki Asaki says a month before the winter tests are scheduled. Actually, all that remains to be done is work on the details.

"The work on the power unit is almost complete," Asaki told There is still a little tweaking here and there, but the foundation has already been laid at the end of 2021. According to the Honda chief, this was sorely needed, because the Japanese are busy enough. Starting next year, Formula 1 will be driven with different fuels and that takes quite some time.

The F1 cars will be using E10 fuel and the engine reacts differently to this fuel. Asaki explains that it is very important to extensively investigate the engine's reaction to the new fuel. The engine has now been overhauled and changes made to unlock the best performance with the E10 fuel.

Presumably less horsepower

Due to the new fuel, all teams will soon lose about twenty horsepower, according to Helmut Marko recently. Honda will, however, do everything possible to minimize the loss of engine power.

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